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Big Data Engineers & Architects | Deep Expertise in Hadoop, AWS and Spark.

“Equilibrium Amid Risk, Economical and Success”

Extend your team with Big Data makers and rock-stars to heighten and speed up your Big Data development, meet strict SLA chucks, and uphold your Big Data systems..

Organizations square measure step by step thinking of obtaining a lot of worth from their huge knowledge solutions and therefore the underlying datasets. Several of the organizations across the planet try to assess their current huge knowledge and analytics setting so that they determine performance bottlenecks, however optimum the answer is and the way equipped is it to cater these days new needs. Data with many cases (rows) offer larger applied math power, whereas; data with higher quality (more attributes or columns) would possibly cause the following false discovery rate.

Data was originally associated with three key concepts: Volume, Variety, and Rate.

Also, they provide tools that assist organizations to stipulate goals around their data program and to talk their data vision to the whole organization.

SamTek Solution - Big-Data-Consulting-Services
  • Transforming data into action
  • Data governance can be a game changer when it comes to modern business.
  • REAL-TIME and NEAR REAL-TIME Analytics
  • Data Platforms for Predictive Analytics
  • Data Warehouses and Data Lakes
  • BI, Reporting and Data Visualization
  • Ensure System Quality
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Governance and Security

We Do:


Big Data Strategy consulting


Big Data engineering services & project assessment


Big Data ETL design & architecture


Data organization and data warehouse design

ERP Applications

“Sooner, In-built and Customizable to a better ERP System”
Individuals, Methods, and Expertise in an organizational framework.

Cloud Computation vests several applications of internet services and regenerates the notice in providing ERP services via the web. It’s the aptitudes to reshape the approach IT services square measure consumed. Regulation of a package associated with parcel out a product is additionally advanced due to the immateriality, the mixing, and therefore the one-volley-principle bearing on several IT application services. The Cloud ERP aims to supply innovation manipulators with the snap of hiring a complete ERP package through various vendors’ methods.

Designed on tentative results from running the archetype, the structured methodology works completely and partakes nice budding for supporting a very practical Cloud ERP podium. We believe in supporting the client with the correct team at the correct time – individual ERP specialists, statement of labor activities moreover as long-term IT team extensions. Work with specialists United Nations agency recognizes their trade. And YOURS – usually a set of integrated applications—that a corporation will use to gather, store, manage and interpret knowledge from several business activities.

“SAM Network Systems” helps customers target their IT organizations in contradiction of best-run firms. The result’s AN IT Roadmap with a ranked set of initiatives that may end in a quicker and flatboat in program or action; agile build. Estimating AN outlay in info know-how technology may be a contest. Whereas; businesses endure to form strenuous funds in info technologies, it’s unresolved, whether; or not funds in info technologies in wide-ranging and ERP erections specifically truly recompense. To date, discover on company IT venture borne numerous upshots, thus; auxiliary the statement that structure reserves in IT area unit chancy.

How we Help Our Customers – ERP TALENT HIRING’S SUPPORTED –

  • Providing ERP talent or players to increase the customer’s principal project team to keep the development on time, budget and value
  • Abstract data from heritage systems, cleanse and plan for loading
  • Realize business processes, map to usual functionality, and design allowances exterior of the core application request.
  • Advance information and studies
  • Provide level two and three helpdesks related to applications technical and extensions (NetSuite ERP, SAP ERP, Workday, Oracle ERP Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics GP)

We trust in backup the client with the right team at the right time – Individualistic ERP specialists, statement of work goings-on as well as longer-term IT team scope. Attract top aptitude with a reliable and attractive applicant experience from outreach sales meeting podium to onboarding.

Technology has handsome much evolved uninterrupted in the latter hundred years in several industries.
From the invention of the first pocket-sized adding machine in the premature 70s to mock intelligence today, technology has the power to drastically shape the economic industry.
This weblog takes a closer look at high-tech creations available today that are shaping the economic industry’s future.

“Your Renovation Partner – SAM Network Systems Renovate your Business.”

Our dedicated recruiters who come from the business have deep domain know-how and helps businesses to attain and succeed the talent they need to adapt to the moving industry, encounter everyday tasks, and take advantage of new prospects.

  • Streamline your operations
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Enable you to make faster, more informed business decisions
  • Reduce operating costs
  • A project management team to keep projects on track
  • Process and workflow optimization
  • Key metrics and ways to measure success
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Document processes, workflows, and goals
  • System and Database Analysis
  • EDI support services and field mapping

Scale your Software team when needed with no hassle.

Hire dedicated team of software developers or establish a software development center to design, develop, maintain, and extend your products and solutions.


Hire Software Developers

  • Expertise in various business domains and that we beware of keeping our individuals actuated and well playing
  • Established development processes and progressive engineering practices.
  • Fast ramp-up and economic data sharing to support you in varied development initiatives.
  • Proven & tested development method and practices tailored to large-scale assignments
  • Accumulating data concerning your business, organization, and project/product.

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