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“”Advance and track applications, wherever; using cloud-native technologies.​”

Containers, Serverless, and Service Mesh.

Transform your job search capabilities with SAM Network Systems, designed to support enterprise talent acquisition technology and evolve together with your growing requirements. We offer candidates and employers with increased talent acquisition expertise.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Application Platform

It was unformulated, but we understood what the point of it was as not the whole world was ready to give over the switch of infrastructure to the public clouds. Many wanted to keep some appearance of the old way of doing things and endure to have private remote data centers, either hosted on-premises or in a co-location. However; the lure of the cloud became robust as a new wave of application developers began generating cloud-first applications. However, the lure of the cloud became stronger as a new wave of application developers commenced creating cloud-first applications.
Organizations find this flexibility useful as it can be more expensive to run a workload in the public cloud vs. a private cloud, but the elasticity of the public cloud solution is necessary for a variety of reasons, a good example being a spike in application traffic.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Application Platform
  • Tap public cloud resources for your workloads
  • Manage your public, private, and hybrid environments from one place
  • Run hybrid apps in your datacenter
  • Risk reduction
  • Departmental preferences in large organizations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Mitigation of vendor lock-in
  • Features—not all features may be available for each cloud vendor
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)

Cloud-Native Application Development

“Journey to up-to-date technologies and platforms”

Get security from the lowermost —backed by a team of specialists, and proactive compliance trustworthy by enterprises, governments, and startups. Profit of multi-layered security provided across physical knowledge centers, infrastructure, and operations with cybersecurity specialists actively observation to protect your business assets and data.

  • Provide candidates and employers with options like commute search and job search
  • Moving to the cloud infrastructure and architecture upgrades
  • Find the proper talent quicker with acquisition technology that scales together with your growing wants.
  • Moving to the cloud infrastructure and design upgrades.
  • Streamline and bit by bit improve your talent acquisition method with machine learning
  • Increase quality hires
  • Decrease your time to hire

Serverless Computing

Serverless design will curtail on prices and maintenance. But it doesn’t work for everything.

Refers to the customer’s capacity to run code, however; not being in the expertise of the set-up — that is; the computer servers — the code is running on. Services, practices, and strategies that enable “server less” incorporate a spread of supports, in most cases, it refers to you to build more agile applications the stretch a package like Lambda or Functions, where platforms run a piece of consumer code, not an entire request, and code not right now being utilized is freed from memory.

Customer acquisition server less services from providers component infrastructure running tasks alike capacity provisioning besides reinforcing are handled by AWS, so you can focus on only writing code that attends your clienteles able to carve their code, transfer it to the serverless stage and tenancy it tracks with actual miniature safeguarding.

SamTek Solutions - Server less Computing
  • Run server less workloads anywhere
  • Cloud Functions
  • App Engine, Cloud Run
  • Lower your costs
  • Move from idea to market, faster
  • Build better applications, easier
  • Adapt at scale
  • Effort individual on building great requests
  • Build full load server less apps
  • Inscribe code your technique
  • Server less for computing and elsewhere
  • Real-time File Processing
  • Extract Transfer Load
  • Server less Document Repository

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