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Contract Staffing

“Organizations have to be constrained to develop policies and procedures that replicate their idea, principles, and ethics. Once these pointers are in place enabling, these guidelines are even more important. However, accomplishing these goals is more durable than it sounds”.

​Without robust policies and procedures in the site, you’ll expertise additional manpower point problems.

Why source permanent resources on your rolls and incur long run permanently mounted prices, wherever; the demand for the actual resources is alternate and driven by the more hiring strategies. If we like immediate resources, we are accustomed forthwith adjusting to the strain of Fast-track comes.

We’ll quickly depute such prepared resources to your work location throughout your peak load. you’ll, therefore, have the good thing about “just in time resources” and “only once required resources.” We’ve got had plenty of success during this model and in multiple locations. We tend to conjointly fill positions requiring Niche Consultants for term-based comes.

SAM Network Systems competitive advantage in Contract Staffing: we’ve got sectors-specific groups comprising of Talent Acquisition consultants, Domain/Subject Matter consultants, and Contract Staffing Specialists engaged on every specific customer Account. We tend to also a region backed by an outsized company cluster, leading to a high success work power ratio within turnaround time. Also, though we tend to extent accounts growing, we tend to be ready to maintain a personal bit with all workforces. These factors end in a high rate of continuity and relatively leading to a high success hit rate in placing the consultants across the locations.

The advantage “SAM Network Systems” has over alternative contract-staffers within the EPC/Engineering Consultancy/Oil & Gas/Cloud/Pharma/Banking & Financial domains are that we will directly mobilize personnel across all levels from our Network Group’s, tend to had deputed Senior Manager level resources in several corporations, ranging from the next day of receiving the inquiry. Contract to Hire Staffing could be a variant of this model. Our strong workforce is capable of to-get strong consultants throughout the projects, therefore; we establish a trustworthy relationship between the Clients and the Consultants.

Some other Unswerving edges for the businesses hiring employees temporarily: As the amount of hiring the temp’s extent component is shown because the practice charges, the businesses will limit their payroll and thence their revenue per employee magnitude relation improves and it’s a right away impression on the securities market. One of the foremost issues of the IT and ITES and Non-IT sector is the high level of attrition, which is nearly 100 percent in some corporations. With temporary staffing, the businesses zone part given a brand new employee as shortly collectively conjointly effective for a corporation, that doesn’t wish to make experience within the non-core operational areas. Several corporations stand-ins for its maintenance and coworker professions.

Why Hire SAM Network Systems?

It’s our passion for quest and career placement that sets demand apart. We’ve got the most effective workforce retention within the business and have grownup through multiple recessions due to our proficient employees.

SAM Network Systems fits your culture and what you would like than Broad Recruitment Results. It’s the chance to service firms like yours that have helped Wide-ranging Staffing to become one among the finest staffing corporations across geographic locations.

Fast Hiring Process

Though we start from the scratch, we always meet the timelines. We’ll fulfill your requirements in time.

Large Talent Pool

We have access to the most efficient candidates. We promise to hire the best for your company.

Highly Qualified Candidates

We tend to facilitate backing jobs in one amongst multiple ways: one. selectively, notice the correct chance once the time is correct and 2. By ration, recruit high talent for the vital wants of the organizations.

Save Your Time

Professional teams of recruiters pay attention to virtually everything, which means that company captains will devote longer to their everyday tasks, increasing their productivity.

Low Fees

Our Contact Staffing service is cost-efficient, saving up to 50% when compared with contingency search fees.

Years of Experience

We have been providing Contract Staffing services since 2016. We have ten’s of happy clients with us.

Retain Your New Hires

A recruiter’s work is way from done once the candidate accepts the company’s provide of employment. that creates the company’s job so much easier to accomplish.

More passive candidates, less active job seekers – Whereas; active job seekers aren’t essentially critical, chances are high that sensible that passive candidates aren’t getting to apply to online job postings.

A partner throughout the complete method – A recruiter’s work is way from done once the candidate accepts the company’s provide of employment. that creates the company’s job, so much easier to accomplish.

Eyes and ears within the trade and the marketplace – Professional recruiters work “in the trenches” day in and a day away. They recognize what’s happening within the employment marketplace overall and their clients’ trade above all. They recognize what the highest talent is doing, and that they recognize what the highest corporations do. This is often all info that corporations wish to access, and that they have access after they partner with a recruiting agency.


1. What is the process of contract staffing?

Contract Staffing as the name speaks is a method of recruiting required human resource on contract. … Contract Staffing helps organizations to quickly ramp up project teams with as few or many qualified consultants as are required to fill short-term and long-term needs.

2. What is contract to hire staffing?

Contract to hire staffing can be defined as an intermediate staffing solution where a candidate is hired for a job position on a temporary basis with an intention to hire him or her on a permanent role after evaluating his/her skills and capabilities for a specific period.

3. What is a regular employee?

Regular Employee are those employees who are working on regular payroll without any fixed time period and normally will be working till their retirement age unless they are terminated or prematurely retired due to some reasons.

4. What is the difference between a contract staffing agency and a temp staffing agency?

Temp agencies and contract staffing agency offer temporary workers to their clients. … While temp agencies only offer temporary work, contract staffing agency focus on the long term needs of their clients as well as placing candidates in what can turn out to be full time employment with major corporations.

5. What is contract staffing?

Contractual staffing is a remuneration based pay scale means per day or limited pay area of income. … Basically, contractual staffing stands for a short time period on the basis of written agreement between two or more persons after completing your job its automatically end over.

6. What does a contract staffing agency do?

Contract staffing agency act as a 3rd party employer between the company providing the job and the temp employee. Temp agencies, or hiring agencies, handle remuneration, scheduling, complaints, taxes, and other administrative parts of the relationship.

7. What does a contract employment agencies do?

The contract employment agencies job is to find qualified candidates on behalf of a company or, in the case of representing workers seeking jobs, appropriate positions for the candidate. Many contract staffing companies specialize in a particular industry, experience level, or type of work.

8. Should I use a contract staffing solutions?

There are various benefits to using a contract staffing services: You can rapidly ramp staff levels up and down when required. You can stay focused on your core competencies. They are constantly talking to active job seekers. They can act as the employer of record and pay the employees for you. They are experts at screening potential employees quickly.

9. Do contract staffing recruiters do drug tests?

Yes, many contract staffing agency perform background checks on any employees they hire or place in a temporary role. This can include drug screening, identity checks, employment verification, education and credential checks, credit history, and criminal background checks.

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